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Bar, Restaurant
 Gallery openings
Hotel, Campsite

AYJAY come together to perform an expansive array of contemporary popular music, lovingly interpreted in their unique acoustic style and delivered with elegance, beautiful harmonies and topped off with a simply majestic vocal delivery perfect for all tastes and event types. 

- Bar - Restaurant

- Gallery Openings

- Hotel  - Campsite

Our full package includes :

- our sound equipment

- a performance that is also totally flexible, and can be tailored to fit the exact needs of your event.

- use of our microphones 

- between 1 and 4 hours of music

- A choice of songs from our setlist which suits all generations

- Yourself or your guests are welcome to join the musicians on stage 

* We travel across Aquitaine in South West France, and all over the country.

Bar & Restaurant


If you are thinking of having a themed evening or you simply want to offer a musical setting for your guests then look no further.


Our music is a mixture of elegant and modern gorgeously imagined acoustic covers to entertain you and your guests. Complete with an unrivalled production and providing all our own amplification and equipment requirements, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt perfectly to the atmosphere you wish to have at your event.

Gallery openings & cultural events

Our laid back, romantic vibes a host an array of well-loved contemporary pop songs with an live lounge acoustic feel.


Our typical sets range from 2 to 4 hours depending on what you are looking for, we are totally flexible and there for you.


All of our equipment comes with us and with our smiles. We are a chic and sophisticated duo with year of experience to adapt to any event or style. 

Other services :

We offer to lend out our microphones for any speeches/ songs during your events.

We also have a mini cable jack to plug in your phones or tablets to our speakers should you need to play a special song. 

Our focus is to be flexible and adapt to your specific needs, for example accompanying you on the piano or guitar should you wish to sing or play a song.

Our spontaneity and extensive experience in this field is really what makes us able to create a bond with your guests to ensure everyone has the best day!

Hotel & Campsite


We can scale our setlist to suit any and all functions; be it sophisticated drinks receptions, evening parties or more family orientated events that require a little more energy.


With live music and unrivalled production provided as standard, every aspect of your entertainment expectations will be catered for. Our ability to bond with the crowd and entertain them for the evening is guaranteed to be the edgy, sophisticated highlight of your event.

Come and meet us!

It’s sometimes hard to have that gut feeling without a face to face meeting with those helping to make your special day extra special.


We would love to show you what we can do musically as well as meet you and get to know YOU.

Come and join us at home on the sofa where you can have a mini live concert over a cup of tea or alternatively we can organise a video call to do this also.

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